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Join us Sundays and Wednesdays for online (and distanced-in-person when available) weekly meditation.

We are a Buddhist meditation group in the Tibetan Mahayana tradition.

Our sangha started in 2003 on the Shambhala path. Today we are exploring our group purpose and association in an ever-changing seeking to understand and explore with curiosity our deepening Bodhicitta.

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Our Standard

We are practicing regularly.
We are present for each other.
We work together, cooperatively.
We engage to understand, not refute.
We are willing to take feedback.
We take the space to hear everyone’s heart.
We take the space to speak truthfully.
Our subject matter is at its foundation basic goodness

Online (and in-person-distanced) Meditation Offerings

We offer twice weekly group meditation, all of which are available online via When the weather and COVID-19 conditions are amenable we will be meditating outdoors together on Sundays.

Online Links

Windmill Hill

Sunday Meditation Location Ongoing

Wind Hill Shelter
(approx location of the shelter) 2010 Eastside Ave Nashville TN 37206
in Shelby Park.

Let's meditate in person! We have reserved the Windmill Hill shelter in Shelby Park in East Nashville where we will have plenty of room to distance ourselves AND see each other's faces—unpixelated.

Bring something significant to place on our shrine, like a candle, flower or some art. We offer the shrine with a candle or two and our wooden Buddha but with room for whatever you might bring.

Also bring a cushion, with a towel or a rug to sit on. We will have some cushions and folding chairs available if you need.

This meditation will also broadcast from our regular Sunday link so those who need the distance or unable to get to the location can join.

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If you have questions or concerns you can contact Joe Smith, coordinator at

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